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Bring 1 or 2 of any supporting documents listed below provided that they have a Front-facing photograph, signature/thumb mark, full name, permanent address and date of birth.
Primary Documents:
1) PSA-issued Certificate of Live Birth AND one (1) government-issued identification document which bears full name, Front-facing photograph, and signature or thumb mark;
2) DFA-issued Philippine Passport or ePassport;
3) GSIS or SSS-issued Unified Multipurpose Identification Card (UMID) ;
4) Land Transportation Office (LTO) – issued Student’s License Permit or Non-Professional/Professional Driver’s license
Secondary Documents:
1) PSA-issued Certificate of Live Birth/No-issued Certificate of Live Birth with Birth Reference Number (BreN)
2) LCRO-issued Certificate of Live Birth
3) PSA-issued report of birth
4) PSA-issued Certificate of Foundling
5) Integrated Bar of the Philippines (ISP) Identification Card
6) Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) ID
7) Seaman’s Book Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) ID
9) Senior Citizen’s ID
10) SSS ID
11) Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) ID
12) License to Own or Possess Firearms (LTOPF) ID
13) NBI clearance
14) Police Clearance/ID
15) Solo Parent’s ID
16) PWD ID
17) Voter’s ID/Certification
18) Postal ID
19) Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) ID
20) Philhealth ID
21) Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA)-issued Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV)
22) National ID from other countries
23) Residence ID from other countries
24) Employee ID
25) School ID
26) Barangay ID
27) Municipal ID
Bring valid and ORIGINAL documents.


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