Citizens Charter

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Citizen’s Charter is an official document, a service standard, or pledge that communicates information on the services provided by the concerned government agency to the public. It describes the steps and procedures on how to avail specific government services identifies responsible offices for each service and pinpoints accountability for every step in the delivery of services.

This was formulated based on the national mandate embodied in RA 9485, the Anti- Red Tape Act of 2007 signed into by law by Her Excellency President of the Republic of the Philippines, President Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo.

The guidebook was developed by the Municipal Government to empower citizenry in the campaign for good governance by promoting transparency and accountability in governance service.

Citizen’s Charter also describes the key services offered by the Municipal Government. This document gives advantage to the clientele as well as the government employees to have a clear definition of their respective duties, functions, and responsibilities and even illustrates the step-by-step  procedure on how to avail the various services delivered by the municipal government.

With this, we hope to strengthen ourselves and enhance our effort in promoting transparency, accountability and integrity in government service with your active participation in Good Local Governance towards progress and development.